Why Focusing on Millennials in your Social Media Strategy Could be your Best Decision yet - Sociaw

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With all of the technological, social, and economical advances in the world, it seems as though being born a part of the Generation Y, or the millennial group, is considered to be a privilege to be apart of today.

Being born in 1995, I have as many opportunities that I can dream of; transportation, traveling, and speaking with friends and family millions and millions of miles apart can all be done with only a click of a button. Virtually anyone can speak their voices to the world around them, and millennials are taking advantage of this concept. Through some of the most prominent social media platforms today like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat, we are expressing our decisions and opinions without questions.

So why is it so crucial that the marketing world targets the millennial generation? Simply because we know of things the moment that they happen… within seconds we know of the latest tragedy that just occurred, which player just got traded for who, or which Presidential candidate is most likely to win the current debate even before time runs out. Social media gives us access to promote campaigns, inform others, create authenticity, and educate ourselves, which is exactly what B2B and B2C marketing strategists need and crave. Keeping our generation’s noses in our newsfeed might just be our golden ticket to success within the business and marketing world. Yes, we may be the most unemployed generation in the job-market, but we’re forming new perspectives to empathy everyday, and are choosing where we put our money where it’s worth spending.

Along with social media, there are many other key aspects that B2B and B2C strategists should keep in mind in regards to utilizing my generation. We’re team players. Growing up in the aftermath of terrorist attacks, we’ve developed a more patriotic, global sense and consideration of ourselves and our neighbors. Our education has been focused on fostering team spirit more than any other generation. Team projects and participating in team games is like second-nature to us. Companies spend so much money into developing a strong team ethic which comes naturally to us. We’re quite expressive by our exposure to different media streams, and new and creative technology and styles. We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo because it’s in our nature to defend ourselves. Adding these fresh and younger perspectives will undoubtedly help our brainstorming ideas prosper in marketing management.

With that all being said, why should today’s companies start reeling in the millennials and slowly start pushing away from the baby boomers? Simply put, we are going to be running the world sooner than we or you think, and mainly through our use of social media. According to Tom Pick’s article, “47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts” Social media is important today, but even more so tomorrow; 90 percent of young adults, ages 18 to 29, use social media in comparison to just 3 percent of adults over age 60. A third of millennials say social media is one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses. This means that media consumption habits are unlikely to change over time. So when I’m 40 years old, my media usage will be looking more like my current one, rather than like the one of today’s 40-year-olds. Companies can invest their time and money into a generation that will have a reliable strategy and skill set for the rest of their lives and careers.

With our tech savvy abilities and our unique sense of globalization, we millennials are creative, influential, and a valuable generation. We’re constantly changing the world, and utilizing us could be your best decision yet for the growth of your marketing strategy.